LF109 - Now You're A Jobber Girl - Lily vs Dani

37 Minutes of one sided beat down with belly punches, struggling KOs and humiliating Rag Doll.

In her previous match with Nina, Lily had such a hard time that she now wants to work over someone smaller and the new Jobber Girl candidate Dani is just right. Though her job is to take a beating in this video, Dani is reluctant to play the role and beats on Lily. Dani is tiny and frail looking but she hits like a mac truck as Lily finds out as she goes on full defense. But it doesn't last long as Lily needs to prove that she can beat down anyone, even if it's a smaller girl and the rest of the match is a vicious and brutal one sided beat down on poor little Dani. Lily needs this win otherwise she'll be humiliated, so she goes all out on her victim.

Lily has Dani laid out and trapped for a light belly punching session, in the classic big girl vs small girl beat down but she's being a little too rough with the new girl Dani who isn't shy to bark back at Lily for being too rough. Reluctant to be anyone's bitch, Dani starts fighting back, taking Lily by surprise, especially by her strength and ability to punch effectively with those tiny little fists! As each punch is drilled into Lily's ribs and kidneys, she knows she is going to have to put this little measly bitch in her place! And soon!


But no matter what Lily tries, Dani is able to force her way out and start wailing on the tough librarian, frustrating her attempts to make Dani a proper Jobber Girl. Dani gets carried away with her swings and actually catches Lily flush in the face with a couple of good punches. Lily, now stunned and totally on the defense, is trying to figure out how to stop this little hell cat as she suffers more vicious hits and cheap shots from the little girl. Lily, understandably, is upset that the new girl isn't abiding by the rules of not being the Jobber Girl and vows she will soon find out what it means to suffer!.


Finally, Lily catches Dani in a sleeper hold and tries to put her out but the feisty little fighter isn't going down without a fight as she fiercely fights back and struggles to avoid the KO. After much struggling though, it's lights out for the new girl as Lily plots her next move.. She's got something to prove and poor Dani is going to pay for the privilege.


Lily seeks revenge and her vengeance is rampant as she brutalizes the little girl, telling her that NOW she's going to find out how to be a proper Jobber Girl. Lily methodically shows Dani the camel clutch, cracking her spine as she pulls back on her hair and tortures her breasts in this prolonged and punishing hold. Never happy with just a short lesson, Lily KOs Dani once again and wakes her for a brutal boston crab with a foot to the face just for good measure. Lily's in control now, and she's going to make Dani suffer every inch of the way.


Dani suffers horribly as Lily puts the tiny girl through the paces of what it's like to be a Jobber Girl Back Breakers, gut punches and KOs await poor Dani. Lily traps the poor girl in a small package, her ass resting on her legs with her arms trapped under them, leaving her belly and chest cruelly exposed and vulnerable to Lily's evil intentions. Dani's belly is beaten to a pulp, her chest brutalized as Lily makes an example out of the poor defenseless girl.


Once Lily feels that Dani has learned her lesson, she puts the girl out for the last time but her ordeal isn't over yet. Feeling the need to teach Dani another lesson, Lily puts the poor girl through a humiliating round of rag dolling, only because she can. Dani, out cold is brutalized mercilessly as Lily regains her self-confidence in beating up little Jobber Girls.

Like it or not, Dani is now a Jobber Girl... thanks to Lily.

Fans of one sided beat downs will really enjoy this video. Though Dani fought hard and nasty at first, she succumbs to Lily's onslaught and she in turn suffers in true Jobber Girl fashion. We're not sure if she'll ever be back after this trashing by Lily, but we certainly hope she does!


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