LF113 - Show Me The Belly - Jezabel vs Missy & Sydney (Co-production video)

32 minutes of the most vicious and brutal 2 on 1 belly punching action with knockouts, belly and breast punching. Total one sided beat down like you haven't seen in ages!

(This video is a coproduction project with www.femfightbound.com)

Sidney shows Missy the awful bruising she suffered after having been jumped by petite Jezabel. Black and blue all over her body, 5'10" Sydney seeks revenge and wants to make it count so she brings in her friend Missy, also 5'10". If this seems like an extremely unfair fight against a smaller petite victim, you got it right. And neither Missy or Sydney care what you think, as all they want to do is brutalize and punish Jezabel to within an inch of her life. There is no premise or story to this fight, just pure brutal belly punching that leaves Jezabel a broken woman, sobbing, crying, pleading for her life as her two taller opponents beat the living hell out of her.


Jezabel, barely 5'3", is in dire trouble as her two taller opponents are hell bent in injuring her, with Jezabel's belly being the main target of attention Missy and Sydney take turns holding Jezabel's arms behind and above her head, leaving her belly cruelly exposed for the devastating punches that ripple her skin and send gut wrenching spasms through her body. When Jezabel's howls are too piercing on the girls' ears, they pull off one of Jezabel's socks and cleave gag her with it. They use her other sock to tie her ankles together so that she can't kick or raise her legs in defense. Stretched out and vulnerable, poor Jezabel is systematically brutalized as each girl takes a turn holding her and the other hammering her fists deep into Jezabel's belly.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the two vicious girls knock out Jezabel with a Hand Over Mouth KO that leaves battered Jezabel limp like a rag doll. Her peaceful slumber is sort lived as the girls drive a huge fist into Jezabel's belly to wake her up, coughing and gasping for air. If being hammered in the belly isn't hard enough on your breathing, imagine having your breathing further impaired with the sock in your mouth.


Punched in the belly isn't good enough for Sydney, she has to return some favours to Jezabel and punches her hard in the breasts. Poor Jezabel, unable to defend herself, takes each hit, her little body jerky with the impact as the girls slam their fists into their victim.


Missy and Sydney methodically brutalize their victim, making her suffer slowly but surely. Any attempts to get away or retaliate by Jezabel only results in a flurry of fists. Every time the girls go to knock her out with a choke or suffocation hold, Jezabel is in such a panic as she knows that not only is she facing damage of being KO's but while unconscious, who knows what damage the two girls will do to her before they allow her to be awakened.


Jezabel is so beside herself with the pain wracking her poor little body as the two girls drill punches deep into her battered abdomen. Sydney wanted her revenge and she's getting her money's worth with this one. Sobbing, crying and pleading, Jezabel can't do anything to make this horror stop. Just when she thought she couldn't take another punch to the belly, the two girls step up the beat down for more punishment.


The end comes near for poor Jezabel as she is being knocked out with another cruel Hand Over Mouth KO by one girl as the other beats away at Jezabel's exposed belly. This is barbaric cruelty on the highest level. Once completely out, Jezabel's ordeal isn't over yet. Missy and Sydney continue beating on their non-responsive victim, knowing that each additional punch is going to do unbelievable damage for the days to come.


Once satisfied that their job is done, only then do Missy and Sydney leave their poor victim alone.. They know fully well that when poor little Jezabel wakes up, she's going to be in a world of hurt.. and most likely horribly bruised. Payback is a bitch...

LF113 is the belly punching fan's ultimate video. For those who love 2on1 action, one sided beat down fights, THIS video is a must have. You won't believe the brutal beating poor little Jezabel suffers under those two vicious monsters.


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