LF115 - Melody Beatdown

34 Minutes of One Sided Beatdown with belly punches and plenty of KOs

Melody, the dark haired beauty, has been around Ladyfist for a while now getting her fair share of Members photos and video clips work done but typically, it's always been in the Jobber Girl role and she's sick and tired of it. In her full video debut, she's decided that enough is enough, she's not taking it anymore and is determined that she's skilled enough to beat down the next girl who shows up.. Unfortunately that next girl is Lily.. and you know how Lily feels about snot nosed little girls who needs to be taught a lesson. And poor Melody is in for a viciously brutal time tonight..

Melody seriously believes she can take down Lily and prove to everyone she's not going to be a Jobber Girl anymore, that in fact SHE can be a heel as well. When Lily confronts her, Melody lunges at Lily but is quickly taken down to the floor from where she soons discovers how sadly mistaken she was.


Lily is all about the brutality and torture when fighting her victims. It's not just good enough to win a fight or hear her victims scream "I SUBMIT".. no, that's the easy way out. Lily needs to make them suffer and learn a lesson before she deems them worthy of submitting or quitting a fight. So when Melody gets into Lily's face, it's all about the pain and humiliation!


Lily takes Melody down and targets the little girl's tight belly with hard punches, and vicious hair pulls. A deeply sat camel clutch gives Lily ample access to Melody's hair and her tender breasts.. When Melody is weakened, Lily flips her on her back and roughly applies a vicious knee spreader hold on the poor girl, causing intense pain to the poor girl.

But the real horror of this beat is yet to begin. Lily repeatedly KO's poor Melody over and over again in various holds and positions, holding the HOM until Melody offers her white flags of surrender before the lights go out, and then rag dolled by a sadistic Lily.


Everytime Melody is KO'd, Lily availls herself to torturing her victim and then waking her up with brutally nasty tactics, including the vicious 'standing on the hair and pulling up on the arms'.. while the victim is uncoscious. Now that's cruel, but effective as Melody wakes up dazed and confused at where she is and as to what's new hurting on her body.

She takes vicious cheap shots, kicks to the crotch and devastating belly punching punishement, weakening the poor girl. Lily wants to make sure that the lovely little girl is going to remember this lesson for days if not weeks to come before she's all done.


Stomped, kicked, punched and stretched, poor little Melody is brutally tortured over and over again. With numerous HOM and Sleeper Holds applied to her, and each time Melody passes out with her eyes rolling into the back of her head, each KO causing her more damage every time.. Sadly, Lily doesn't give a damn about poor Melody, she just wants to make sure the little girl remembers her place here at Ladyfist.. and that is being the good little Jobber Girl she's meant to be.


But in the end, Lily doesn't resort to a HOM or Sleeper to KO her brutalized victim.. Lily stretches out her victim and viciously pounds away at her belly until finally, Melody goes out for the count, a broken woman.

At least Melody was spared the horrors of Lily's deviousness at what she does to her unconcious victims but unfortunately, Melody does suffer the humiliation of being stripped of her top while laying helpless. Poor Melody, maybe she is destined of being the constant Jobber Girl after all.. Who knows, perhaps revenge is soon to come..

LF115 is going to appeal to the One Sided, Belly Punching, Knock Outs fans who enjoy a good rag dolling and humiliation during a vicious and brutal beat down. Melody takes a beating and vows revenge.. We'll have to see how this dark haired beauty fares the next time she encounters her opponents here at Ladyfist.. will she be victorious or suffer the Jobber Girl fate every time?


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