LF128 - Red Belly Up - featuring Pixie vs Pheonix (custom video)

40 minutes of intense, painful and brutal belly spanking and belly button probing / poking...

Pheonix loves her belly and so do her fans, so the gorgeous red head is more than happy to pose for her admiring fans and show them her sexy belly button. Unfortunately, the little bitch Pixie, jealous of all the attention her rival is getting, decides to make Pheonix's day miserable every time the lusciously red haired beauty displays her belly. With smacking open handed slaps to the belly and poking her individual fingers into Pheonix's belly button, it doesn't take long before Pheonix is sent crying and whimpering in pain as her pieties foe brutalizes her belly with stinging slaps and probing fingers. This is one hell of a painful day for poor Pheonix..

Pheonix first shows up with a nice sweet looking sun dress as she parades it for her admiring fans but it doesn't take long before petite little Pixie drags Pheonix down to the floor and applies a crippling belly claw hold on her bigger opponent. Then Pixie drags Pheonix up by her thick hair and drapes her over the arm of the sofa to stretch out her sexy belly, exposing it for more cruelty and punishment. Pheonix's sun dress gets pulled off and she is viciously belly spanked until her sexy belly turns pink and hot to the touch as Pixie smacks her little hands into Pheonix's belly and drills her tiny little fingers deep into her opponent's belly button, stretching it, probing it, destroying her belly button..


Later, Pheonix appears in a nice prime & proper business suite to show off for her fans.. Once again, Pixie attacks Pheonix in a rage and fit of jealousy, wanting to make it a point to destroy Pheonix's belly button to show all her fans what a wrecked belly button looks like as she probes her fingers deep into the red head's belly button and slaps the hell out of poor Pheonix's already stinging red belly..


Later that day, Pheonix shows up wearing her sporty clothes, ready to go to the gym after once again showing off her belly to her fans but Pixie, pretending to be nice for a change, asks to see Pheonix's belly but suckers her with a smack and down goes Pheonix. Pixie, evil as jealousy can make her become, drags in the infamous Red Ball of Torture and drapes her bigger opponent across the ball and pins her over the ball, stretching and cruelly exposing Pheonix's belly for unbelievable pain and suffering as Pixie drills her tiny and pointy fingers deep into Pheonix's sexy belly button and once again slaps the hell out of the poor girl's belly until it turns beet red from the constant and continuous slapping..


And in the final segment, Pheonix appears in her jeans and tight T-Shirt. Pixie, this time still pissed at all the attention her red haired opponent has from all her adoring fans, demands that Pheonix raises her t-shirt. Upon revealing her still red belly from the previous beating, Pixie touches the red hot belly but Pheonix jumps back at Pixies cold hands. Infuriated even more, Pixie launches one more finally and viscous attack on Pheonix's belly with clawing, slapping and deep finger probing, drilling her fingers deep down into Pheonix's belly button, destroying what ever sexiness she has left. Sadistically slapping the hell out of Pheonix's belly until her skin turns bright red, Pixie is looking to really hurt Pheonix and to make her cry in the end..


You would think the video ends there but we saved the raw footage of what happened after the scenes were all done. Pheonix complains that Pixie was being unnecessarily rough and was hitting her belly too hard... When Pixie called Pheonix a wimp and to suck it up, the red headed (and red bellied) Pheonix takes matters into her own hands and jumps Pixie and wrestles her petite antagonist into position so now SHE can experience the pleasures of having HER belly slapped and probed for real!! No messing around this time, Pheonix lays into Pixie's pale tender belly with sadistic belly slapping until the little girl ended up screaming in pain and was left crying in pain on the floor. Sometimes you have to learn to play nice.. or else!

LF128 is the Belly Beat down fan's video! There is no punching in this video, it's all deliciously sadistic and painful belly slapping until the skin gets hot red and deep penetrating finger probing and drilling, stretching Pheonix's gorgeous and sexy belly button like you've never seen before. If you love hot red bellies, this is the video for you!!


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