LF305 - KO REVENGE - featuring Mayden vs Miko

23 Minutes of KO's, sleeper holds, choke holds, HOM and rag dolling.

Tiny Miko gets caught in the clutches of the evil Iron Mayden and she's in for a ride of her life, if she can stay awake long enough for it. The red headed mistress of pain Mayden gets to play with Miko for the first time and she's testing her petite victim's limits, piece by piece, until she's ready to put her out properly... and again. But Miko is no one's bitch as she comes back for the second round and catches her opponent unawares and puts Mayden down with a well pressed HOM KO.. not just once, but over and over again. Time for a little payback for Miko. Unfortunately, what comes around goes around as Mayden gets her revenge on her opponent as she brutally takes down Miko with one KO hold after another, Sleeper holds, double crossed arms, HOM's.. over and over.. and over again.. and again. Poor Miko can barely recover from the previous KO when Mayden roughly wakes her victim up just in time for another KO. But just because you're knocked out doesn't mean you're free from abuse by your opponent!

This is Mayden's first time on the mats with the little wiry Miko, so she's unsure how rough she can be or how fragile this little cutie is.. so she probes her with not so rough belly shots. But as Maybe familiarizes herself with Miko's weak spots, she gets rougher and rougher. A shot to the guts here, a twist of the arm there, a yank of the hair there.. bearhug, hair pulling and cheap shots lets Mayden know that this little pipsqueak is nothing more than canon fodder for the Jobber line up. Mayden does short work with Miko as she puts her out repeatedly with sleeper holds..


Not impressed with the treatment handed to her, Miko catches Mayden unaware and manages to trap the stronger girl's arms behind her back and pins Mayden to the mat as Miko clamps her hands over Mayden's face for a HOM knock out. Struggling to break free, Mayden can't see to shake off the tenacious little spitfire and slowly but surely, Mayden's eye roll back to show her white flags of surrender as she goes out cold. Pleased with her handwork, Miko takes advantage of the situation and plays with her victim before waking Mayden up.. just in time for another HOM KO.. This time, Mayden is able to fight back but it's a race against the clock to see if she's able to fight off Miko before the lights go out.. and no.. not this time.. Mayden's eyes roll back once again and she's out like a cheap light bulb. Mike bitch slaps her opponent awake for another rough HOM but Mayden, groggily fights back, yanking on Miko's hair, trying to pull the little fighter off of her but not this time.. or anytime soon as Mayden goes down for the count once again. Over and over, Miko gets her payback on her bigger opponent..

But like all good things, the funs comes to an end for Miko soon enough after Mayden recovers.. Now the tables are turned and the evil mistress of pain is more than eager to return the favours to Miko and now it's her turn to make Miko show her white flags of surrender as she punishes her opponent with one sleeper hold after another, rolling Miko around like a rag doll before waking her up for another round of lights out action. Over and over again, Mayden gets her KO Revenge on poor Miko.. as the petite helpless fighter's face goes red and drools on herself as the lights go out.



Poor Miko gets the short end of the stick in this video but she does get her chance to take down Mayden.. but once again, too little too late as Mayden takes out her anger on Miko. A KO fan's delight video!

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