LF307 - HUMILIATION REVENGE - featuring Lily vs Absynthe

35 Minutes of non-stop action, featuring KO's, sleeper holds, choke holds, HOM, rag dolling, hair pulling and cheap shots.

Everyone's favourite Jobber Girl Absinthe is out to prove she's more than just the resident punching bag. Rocking her new super high heels, Absynthe is feeling she's on top of the world but that comes to a screeching halt as soon as the vicious Lily walks in, trash talking Absynthe about her shoes and outfit.. It doesn't take too many words to fly before these two antagonists tear into each other. Lily is out to make an example out of her smaller opponent but a freak accident renders Lily unable to defend herself which permits Absynthe to dominate her larger opponent.. not just dominate but humiliate Lily like no has before.. Later on, these two antagonists meet up again for another match. Absynthe, feeling brave and cocky after her last win over Lily is ready for war but she's not ready for what Lily has in store for the petite fighter. To get her revenge on Absynthe, Lily is going to humiliate, rag doll and strip Absynthe of an article of clothing every time she KO's Absynthe.. Good thing she wore a sweater today! A vicious battle rages between these two fierce fighters but one of them is going to lose and lose big.. while the other walks away with a few souvenirs.

Absynthe is out sporting her new super high heels, feeling and looking great. But vicious Lily puts a grinding halt to Absynthe's fun. Absynthe puts up a good fight but the stronger Lily easily dominates her smaller opponent, being able to deliver painful shots and crushing holds that puts Absynthe out long enough for Lily to claim the high heels as her new trophies. After waking up, Absynthe is furious at having lost her shoes and goes onto the attack. Lily is able to keep the petite hellcat at bay but cheap shots and quickness allows Absynthe to get her licks in too as these two ladies battle it out. It isn't until Absynthe manages to trip Lily off balance and sends the blond fighter's head bouncing off the back wall that Absynthe is assured victory in this match. Dazed and hurt from the collision with the wall, Lily is at Absynthe's mercy as she is bitch slapped and choked out, and finally made to kiss Absynthe's new high heels as punishment and humiliation for attacking her in the first place. Though KO'd several times and brutally cheap shotted, Absynthe proved she can tangle with the toughest and still walk away.. in high heels.


Later on, when these two antagonist meet up again on the mats, Lily is still steaming at not only her loss to Absynthe but to the humiliation she suffered under the smaller fighter. But this time.. this time it will be Absynthe who will feel the wrath of Lily's fury. Face to face, nose to nose, the two fighters square off. Lily tells Absynthe that this will be a serious payback match, and every time Lily KO's the petite fighter, Lily is going to remove an article of clothing from Absynthe as a battle trophy. They rip into each other, trading cheap shots, belly punches, hair pulls and mayhem until Lily catches Absynthe in the first of many KO holds, this time a sleep hold. While her victim is out, Lily toys with her rag doll opponent, removing Absynthe's sweater. Lily is out for revenge and she's not going to be gentle about it. But don't count out Absynthe yet! Though dazed from her first KO, the petite hellcat is fighting back, delivering her own cheap shots and gut shots. But will it be enough to win the match and keep all her clothes?!

Weakened by the brutal punishment, Absynthe is slowly weakening and unable to offer much resistance, but once in a while, she manages to deliver a painful blow that gives her enough time to break free. But eventually, Lily gets her roaming hands on Absynthe and puts her down once again, rag dolling her victim as she removes Absynthe's socks and drapes them over Absynthe's face. There is little Absynthe can do to save herself now as she tries to fight off Lily but the blond fighter is dead set on destroying and humiliating her victim. Each time Absynthe gets KO'd, she loses another article of clothing.. Every time she's KO'd, Absynthe gets rag dolled, caressed and loses another piece of clothe..


Beaten and almost broken, poor Absynthe can't defend herself well enough against her tougher opponent and she is made to suffer in various holds while Lily gleefully tortures her victim. Finally, after such a valiant effort against unsurmountable odds, poor Absynthe is put out of her misery with a prolonged Hand Over Mouth KO that leaves her vulnerable to Lily's quest for that one last battle trophy..

In the end, Absynthe really tried to overcome her Jobber Girl reputation but once again came up very short against Lily.

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