LF309 - BRAT BEATDOWN - featuring Absynthe vs Pierce

42 Minutes of back and forth M vs F action featuring face sitting, scissoring, pins, back breakers, belly punches and multiple KOs.

Absynthe has been known to be quite the brat when she gets into none of her moods, and today is no different when she and Pierce are lounging around. Absynthe is in a bratty playful mood but Pierce isn't having any of her attitude. When things get heated, Absynthe pushes Pierce too far and he has to put the petite fighter in her place. But it's not all that easy since Absynthe had been on the receiving end of numerous beatdowns, she knows how to avoid a lot of Pierce's holds and apply some of her own. Feeling rather confident of herself, she makes a bet with Pierce that if she can knock him out, he has to pay for her next vacation to exotic lands.. Not that Pierce has much choice in the matter, Absynthe lunges onto her opponent fully confident that she'll come out on top.. But bad things are soon to happen for poor Absynthe when her over-confidence gets the better of her..

Compiled from 4 video clips, Absynthe antagonizes Pierce into a match from which she actually manages to put the poor guy down and put him down. He's not to happy about it.. But when Absynthe won't leave things well enough alone, she pushes Pierce into a wrestling match that puts their skills to the test. Absynthe makes quite the go of it, toss and turning her male opponent like it's nobody's business, she ends up knocking out Pierce for the count. Fed up with Absynthe's defiant attitude, Pierce decides it's now time to teach her a lesson and puts poor Absynthe through several rounds on back breakers, scissors and torture, trying to make her submit. But ever so defiant, Absynthe refuses to submit to Pierce, honestly believing she has a chance to win the match and get her all expense paid vacation..

How long can Absynthe last? Pierce does his best to teach her a lesson and wants to make sure she knows her place by the time he's done with her.. . These two fight it out to the bitter end where only one will emerge victorious, while the other is left writhing in pain..

Absynthe fans will surely appreciate this all out war vs a male opponent.

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