LF310 - RAVEN ATTACK - featuring Raven vs Ema & Pheonix

33 Minutes of brutal belly punching action with breast mauling and smothering catfight tossed in.. and a few KOs to finish it off.

From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, Masked Raven takes on two rivals in a 3 clip compilation video.

Tough as nails Raven always wanted to destroy her rival Masked Ema but knows too well how dangerous Ema is on the mats. So the only way to even the odds (in her own favour of course) is to tie her victim down for a good old belly destruction beatdown. Poor Ema, wrists trapped down to her sides while Raven straddles her, is brutally and mercilessly punched in the belly, leaving her gasping for breath and writhing in pain. Raven doesn't hold back as she destroys Ema's rock hard abs until her victim is completely annihilated.

In the second segment, Raven found out that Pheonix had been running around with her boyfriend. Well, that's not going to go well when Raven gets her hands on the gorgeous red head, by the hair and takes her down to the mat. But Pheonix is no push over, she fights back with all she has, as she knows what awaits her should Raven win this encounter. Both women roll across the mats, with hands full of hair and breasts, they seek to hurt each other in locked combat. In the end, only one will prevail as she smothers out her opponent with a face full of breasts!

Finally in the last segment, Raven faces off once again with Pheonix for a one for one belly punching contest. Trading shots to the abs, each woman feels her opponent's aggression as her fists land deeply into the belly. Some shot hit the mark as it forces each girl to her knees as she tries to catch her breath and muster up the strength to continue, not wanting to submit to the other. Brutal and vicious fists land deep into the bellies, each fighter gasping for breath as they take their turns slugging it out. But in the end, there can be only one victor and the loser ends up losing more than her pride as she is relieved of her bra.. Someone gets to go home with a victory trophy while the other suffers the humiliation of defeat..

Lots of great actions, rough and tumble catfighting with lots of belly punching action, breast mauling and hail pulling. Don't miss this one!

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