LF311 - TAYLOR MADE FOR DESTRUCTION - featuring Taylor vs Pixie

30 Minutes of total domination as one fighter is repeatedly KO'd over and over again.

From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, Pixie takes on Taylor in a one sided beatdown from a 3 clip compilation video.

In the early days, Taylor fancied herself as a tough girl who would come in and clean house and claim title of the queen of the Ladyfist house. But she wasn't aware of Pixie yet and that's when her dreams of supremacy quickly went into the drain. The petites red head Pixie is one rough customer and she doesn't take kindly to new comers trying to upset the balance of power in the house. So this would be a great opportunity for Pixie to teach Taylor a lesson or more about who actually is the toughest gal in the house. Right from the start of the match, Taylor is completely on the defense as Pixie grapples the new girl down and gets to work on making Taylor suffer. Quickly getting Taylor locked up in a neck scissors, Pixie clamps down hard until the lights go out for Taylor and she's left twitching on the mat, dazed and confused. No sooner is she revived that Pixie grabs her helpless victim and locks in a sleeper hold and once again, poor Taylor shows her white flags of surrender and her eyes roll to the back of her head as she goes limp. Pixie is relentless as she puts Taylor on one hold after another, putting Taylor down and out one hold after another. In the second clip, the two ladies start off with a test of strength contest. After much pushing and pulling, Pixie finally gets the upper hand and gets behind Taylor for a double armed choke hole but Taylor had learned from her previous beatdown and manages to escape that hold, only to fall into Pixie's cobra clutch sleeper hold. This time there is no escape as Pixie crushes Taylor's neck with this punishing hold and there is nothing Taylor can do to escape the inevitable dark curtains from coming down across her vision.. Pixie brings her victim back for some more beating as she attempts one KO hold after another but when she pins Taylor to the mats, Pixie is able torture her opponent with repeated HOM KO's. Taylor makes a valiant attempt to escape but to no avail as Pixie's petite but powerful hands clamp down on Taylor's face until she sees the white flags of surrender roll back in Taylor's head. Pixie completely dominates Taylor in this match that she can play with her victim like a cruel cat would to a defenseless mouse. In the final matchup, we find Taylor and Pixie squaring off once again. This time, Taylor is better prepared and won't be such a walk-over. Pixie has her hands full this time as Taylor actually makes a valiant attempt to defend herself and bring the fight to Pixie. The girls lock up in another test of strength battle, rolling around, fighting for position, neither giving an inch. Taylor, fighting for her life goes for the hair and breast mauling which infuriates Pixie. Once the raging red head gets her hands free of the test of strength lockup, she goes all out attacking Taylor, dominating the poor girl once again. Trapped in Pixie's powerful scissors, Taylor can't escape and suffers at Pixie's hands as the petite red head yanks on Taylor's hair, mauls her breasts and crushes her ribs with her powerful thighs. Exhausted, Taylor is unable to defend herself and is easily straddled and pinned. But Pixie isn't quite done with Taylor just yet.. Not until she gets that one last final HOM KO until Taylor goes limp for the last time...

KO Fans will truly enjoy this video.

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