LF315 - BOBBIE'S REVENGE - featuring Bobbie Blush vs Masked Raven, Kitty Kaos and Tigra!

36 Minutes of action featuring sleeper hold KO's, HOM KO's, Grapevine pins, Test of Strength, belly punching, Figure 4 LegLock, cheap shots and more!

From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, fan favourite Bobbie Blush is featured in this video where she faces off against 3 different opponents in 4 separate clips. After she took a mauling KO from Masked Raven in the first clip, it's all REVENGE time for Bobbie Blush as she goes after all the previous opponents who had done her wrong in the past. And Bobbie doesn't take pity on any of them what ever as she destroys one victim after another. Known as one of the best trash talkers in the business, Bobbie never lets up with her condescending and taunting commentaries as she tortures her victims.

In the first clip, Bobbie is caught in Masked Raven's iron grip Sleeper Hold and she's rag dolled from one side to another as she's going down for the count. Bad as it is being KO'd in this fashion, poor Bobbie is cruelly re-awakened and subjected to several more sleeper hold KO's and wake ups as this match progresses.. Raven takes much pleasure in putting Bobbie out as the brunette's annoying trash talking is finally put to a stop! But in the second match up with these two ladies, it's Bobbie Blush who has the upper hand as she quickly pounces on her opponent and pins her down with a crippling grape vine pin. Being of large stature then Bobbie, it doesn't take Raven much to turn the tables and apply the same hold onto Bobbie. Back and forth the girls battle it out with various holds and a test of strength until finally Bobbie gets the upper hand and gets her opponent in several tricky holds that quickly weakens her. Though Raven makes a token surge of attack, it's short lived as Bobbie puts the finishing touches to Raven as she KO's her opponent with a well placed HOM KO!


Up next for Bobbie is tough gal Kitty Kaos who had previously tormented the hell out of Bobbie but now it's revenge time. Bobbie quickly has Kitty in a brutal Figure 4 Leg Lock. With her legs horribly bent out and near the breaking point, it's all that Kitty can do to no submit to Bobbie.. But the trash talking Bobbie isn't looking for a submission, she's out for nothing more than the total destruction and punishment of Kitty.. and she means it! After a prolonged and torturous round of Figure 4 Leglock punishment, Bobbie goes after Kitty's bare belly with brutal gut shots. She then stomps and kicks at Kitty's battered belly but goes on kick too far and way to hard for the "fantasy style fighting" match that they are engaged in and Kitty protests during the live shoot.. All hell breaks loose as the camera goes down as we have to separate the two ladies for real..


  And finally, in the last match, Bobbie Blush faces off against her hated rival, petite little jobber girl Tigra. Equal in her trash talking abilities, Tigra is a lot tougher than she looks but she's no match for such fury as Bobbie bring to this match. Again, Bobbie isn't looking for a submission or a tap out, she just wants to hurt her smaller opponent and she's out for pain and destruction in the process. Going for Tigra's tight abs, Bobbie delivers brutal punches and knees to the little red head's belly. Like an alligator rolling it's fresh kill in a death roll, Bobbie traps Tigra between her powerful thighs and rolls her around, almost ripping Tigra's head off her shoulders. But it's when Bobbie catches Tigra in a most viciously cruel back breaker is where petite Tigra is at the end of her wits.. But Bobbie isn't quite done with Tigra yet. More belly attacks follow before the coup de grace vicious sleeper hold that puts poor Tigra out cold. Poor Tigra, as tough as she is, she was no match for what Bobbie was instigating: REVENGE!


The clips are from our much ealier days featuring fan favourite fighters in brutal KO and other forms of mayhem.


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