LF316 - BEATDOWN KO - featuring Nina vs Lily

30 Minutes of non stop action featuring hair pulls, scissors, pins, breast mauls and smothers, HOM ko, sleeper KO, Test of Strength and much more.

From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, the salacious evil librarian Lily sets her sights on gorgeous Nina in this epic battle of tough gals. Lily is know for taking advantage of her vanquished foes and Nina is not going to let any of that happen during their match. As the more experienced Lily dominates her younger opponent Nina, she finds the new girls has a few tricks up her own sleeves as she manages to turn the tide during this epic battle.

In the first clip, Lily has Nina firmly trapped in a tight scissors and goes to work mauling Nina's assets. Struggle as she may, Nina is not getting out of this one! With a few shots to the belly, Lily continues to antagonize her victim with belly mauling and attacks to the breasts. But Nina isn't totally helpless as she wreaks havoc on Lily when she manages to grab hold of the librarian's hair and breasts. But it won't take Lily long to put a decisive stop to Nina's retaliatory moves when she puts her victim out with a cruel HOM KO, and unceremoniously dumps the rag doll Nina to the side in victory.


Fully revived and ready to get her revenge, Nina is locked in a Test of Strength battle with Lily as the two tough gals push and pull for dominance and control. Never letting go of the hands for the ten minutes of this segment, the two rivals battle it out, jockeying for position. Nina takes the advantage early on and proceeds to crush Lily's ribs with her powerful legs. Round and round they go, tangling it up as they try to gain some advantage over the other but for the most part, it's Lily who is on the receiving end of most of this battle. But just in the nick of time, Lily manages to get a dominant position over Nina and brings on the hurt. But her gain is short lived as the tough and beautiful Nina manages to press down on Lily and put her opponent out with a face full of breast smothering. Lily is down and out for good as Nina steps away victorious!


And finally, in the last segment, Nina finds herself pinned under Lily and victim to Lily's roaming hands. Lily doesn't like Nina's defiance so she quickly puts Nina down with a well executed HOM KO. Lily now has all kinds of time to play rag doll with her helpless victim. But when Nina revives, she knows she's in trouble and struggles to fight back against Lily before worse can happen. Over confident Lily gets caught in a tight body scissors but she manages to eventually break free and once again put her victim down with another KO. Rag dolled and revived over and again, Nina struggles to fight back and survive this last match against one of the most sadistic and brutal fighters in the house. How much more can Nina take before it's all over..


The clips are from our much earlier days featuring fan favourite fighters in brutal KO and other forms of mayhem.


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