LF317 - DELYTE BEATDOWN - featuring Delyte vs Aiden, Erin and Absynthe

38 Minutes of action featuring Sleeper Hold KOs, Belly Punching, Grappling, Face Sitting KO's and much more.

     From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, self proclaimed thug girl Delyte takes on some of the toughest Ladyfist fighters in 4 separate matches, winning some, losing some!

     Compiled from 4 videos clips, tough girl Delyte goes after the toughest of the toughest Ladyfist fighters with the aim of establishing herself as the top fighter in the house. But her plans falls apart soon enough as one by one, her opponents put up a fiercer fight than anticipate, ending with sometimes unpleasant results.

     In the first match, Delyte faces off against the rough and tough Aiden in a drag out brawl onto the mats. Back and forth they go, vicious hair pulling and grappling for position as they seek dominance. But it's Aiden's iron will that rules the day as she catches Delyte in several sleeper hold attempts. Poor Delyte is desperate to escape but no one breaks out of Aiden's cruel grip as she repeatedly KO's Delyte.

     In the second match, Delyte is ready for revenge as she has Aiden on the defensive for throughout the match.. Pinned against the wall with her arms trapped above her head, Aiden is submitted to some very brutal and devastating belly punches that all but knocks the wind out of her. But it's the jaw cracking face punches that does more damage to Aiden as Delyte seeks revenge. Now it's Delyte's turn to impose the horrors of the sleeper hold on Aiden as the exhausted fighter desperately tries to break free from Delyte's brutal hold.

     Up next, Delyte faces Erin in a back and forth grappling match. Delyte is wary of this unknown fighter, so her approach is cautious as both fighters attack and pare. But in the end, Delyte figures out Erin's weaknesses and exploits them to her advantage as she walks away with yet another victory!

     Flush with pride over her last two victories, Delyte is ready to tackle the jobber girl, Absynthe.. But looks are deceiving as Delyte is soon set upon by her smaller opponent and is completely on defensive as the petite fighter girl goes down town on Delyte. Still in shock from the surprise attack, Delyte is helpless in stopping Absynthe from face sitting her. Unable to throw off Absynthe, Delyte grows weaker and weaker as the battle rages on until finally, she can fight back no longer and Absynthe emerges victorious!

It's not a good day for poor Delyte.. Try as she may, she puts up a good fight but comes up short when it counts.

KO Fans will not want to miss this video!

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