LF319 - WHEN RIVALS RAGE - featuring Bobbie Blush vs Aiden

32 Minutes of non-stop action featuring HOM KO's, scissors, belly destruction, hair pulling, low blows and cheap shots, camel clutch, rag dolling and figure four leg lock..

From the archives of the Members Video Vault of years past, tough Aiden squares off against the petulant Bobbie Blush in a 4 clip compilation video. Compiled from 4 videos clips, Aiden and Bobbie Blush face each other in 4 rounds of winner takes all brutal fight action. Each segment ends in a decisive victory for the winner and a humiliating loss for the loser!

     Though Aiden and Bobbie have been known to team up from time to time in order to dispatch a mutual threat, it's no secret that these two vicious ladies have no love for each other and would sooner destroy the other than admit friendship. So it came as no surprise to find them locked in heated battle when we found them locked in a hair pull that neither would release until the fight was brought down to the mat. In the first segment, Bobbie manages to get the advantage over her rival and bring a world of pain and suffering to the tough gal Aiden. Putting her through painful holds and attacks, Bobbie makes sure that Aiden knows who's the top bitch as she drops bombs to Aiden's belly with fists and feet. Though Aiden is able to fight back, she can't prevent the inevitable as Bobbie Blush is able to put her opponent down with a crushing neck scissor KO.

     In the second segment, it's now Aiden's turn to put Bobbie in a world of hurt as the vicious fighter targets Bobbie's belly with knees, fists and stomps that leaves poor Bobbie gasping for air like a trout out of water! Cheap shots saps what ever fight Bobbie had left in her as Aiden exacts her revenge on her rival, cranking on her spine with camel clutches and boston crabs. In the end, Bobbie is put out of her misery with a nasty camel clutch and HOM KO that rolls her eyes to the back of her head.

     When they meet up again in the 3rd segment, it's all Aiden over Bobbie once again and it's Bobbie's belly as the main target as Aiden utterly destroys Bobbie's abs with brutal punches and stomps to the guts. Try as she may, poor Bobbie isn't able to claw her way out of this one.

     In the fourth and final segment, Bobbie turns the tables on Aiden by crippling her opponent's ability to fight back as she crunches down on Aiden's limbs with knee drops that leaves Aiden unable to defend herself, leaving her cruelly vulnerable to Bobbie vindictive attacks. With limbs dragging uselessly beside her, Aiden is at Bobbie's mercy (or lack thereof) as cheap shots and low blows rain down on poor Aiden... Only when Bobbie is satisfied that she's made her point that she mercifully KO's Aiden with a vicious neck lock.. and rag dolls her limp victim before walking away victoriously.

Non-stop action, trash talking brutality all out war action!

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