LFExtreme-001 - Ema vs Absynthe (Custom Video)

43 Minutes bloody one sided beatdown featuring face and belly punching, KO, smother, cheap shots, and so much more..

Absynthe and Ema have never gotten along, usually with Absynthe getting the short end of the stick whenever these two ladies meet up. After a nasty fight, Absynthe crawls back to her room at the Ladyfist house, battered and exhausted. Looking to put an end to their nasty relationship, Absynthe invites Ema over to talk things through, not realizing Ema had followed her home.. Shocked to see Ema so suddenly, Absynthe passes out, which leaves her vulnerable as a rag doll for Ema to destroy and torture. And so begins Absynthe's most brutal and bloody one sided beatdown to date, all thanks to the vicious and sadistic Ema.

Disgusted with Absynthe's attitude, Ema can hardly wait to kick the crap out her smaller antagonist. So when Ema finds Absynthe out cold at her feet, Ema is more than happy to put the poor little jobber girl through some more pain and torture. Tossed around like a rag doll, Absynthe is repeatedly kicked in the guts and crotch. Ema has no pity for Absynthe as she stomps and kicks at her unconscious victim. It just makes her work a lot easier, and more fun! But after a while, Ema thinks that Absynthe is trying to avoid a fight by faking being out like a light even though she's taking a pounding in the process. So Ema gets creative with her attacks and sure enough, Absynthe wakes up begging for the beatdown to end. Ema beats down her opponent until she's rendered unconscious for real this time. But it doesn't take long before Ema wants Absynthe awake for a challenge fight. She brings out the exercise ball and challenges Absynthe for a round of belly punching. Ema goes first and easily absorbs Absynthe's punches.


Now it's Absynthe's turn and as she's stretched out on the ball, her belly exposed, Ema drops massive bombs with telling effect to Absynthe tight belly. But what Absynthe fails to realize is that Ema doesn't play by the rules as she has car keys sticking out of her hand as she drills one punch after another into Absynthe's belly until the little jobber passes out once again. Ema continues to drill Absynthe's belly with the key punches, one after another, trying to do as much damage as possible. Poor Absynthe, totally helpless, her belly button takes one hell of a beating before Ema wakes her victim up again for another 'challenge' contest.

As far as Absynthe knows, she's only passed out after three solid gut punches, not aware that Ema had continued beating on her while she was passed out.. So when she's ready for the next challenge, Absynthe is so wobbly on her feet she can barely stand up properly. Absynthe challenge Ema to a face punching contest.. Knowing that Ema has the rock hard abs and impossible to penetrate, Absynthe figures she might be able to KO the tougher girl with a punch to the face.. No matter how hard Absynthe connects with Ema's jaw, the tough girl bounces right back and is ready for her turn to punch Absynthe square in the face.. with hidden keys sticking out of her knuckles! With only one hit, Absynthe is left bleeding.. blood oozing from her nose, Absynthe passes out once again.. But it's not long before Ema finds a way to wake her little victim up to continue the fun and games.


Still not fully realizing what's been happening while she's unconscious, Absynthe challenges Ema to another round. But this time she wants to bind Ema's hands behind her back so Ema can't cheat.. While Ema thinks this is another belly punching round, she's sorely surprised to discover Absynthe wants to make this a cunt busting contest. With sharp pointed knees, Absynthe drives them into Ema's crotch, almost bringing the tough girl down to her knees. But with a couple of gut punches and low blows, Absynthe feels she's weakened her opponent enough that it should be much safer for her to take her turn in this challenge.. Still dazed and confused from the face punching, Absynthe is slow to realize Ema is tying her feet together, just so she can't run away! Pressed up against the wall, Ema slams fist after fist deeply into Absynthe's battered belly.. Once again, Absynthe falls to the floor, completely and utterly devastated. But Ema's not done.. not by a long shot. Using Absynthe's sweater to tie her hands behind her back, Ema jams Absynthe up against the wall from where the brutal beating really gets going. Punch after punch, knee after knee to the crotch, Absynthe takes a long vicious beating at Ema's hands.. Ema won't let her little victim fall to the floor, keeping Absynthe pressed against the wall as she wails away at her victim.


Poor Absynthe, half conscious and drunk with pain, takes the brutal punishment until she finally collapses to the floor. But this is where Ema gets creative and mean by hog tying her victim and cleave gagging Absynthe. Trapped, helpless and vulnerable, Absynthe's gorgeous belly is prime for the beating of a lifetime. With her victim still unconscious, Ema wails away like a mad woman on Absynthe's battered belly. Ema waits to allow Absynthe to slowly come out of the fog of pain, and pulls out her car keys.. this time Ema isn't hiding anything as she flashes the keys in front of Absynthe's eyes, trailing them down and around Absynthe's belly button before making a fist with the keys sticking out and grinds the keys deep into Absynthe's belly button until she draws blood. Seeing red, Ema goes for gold as she pounds away at Absynthe's belly button with hard keyed fists, dropping bombs after bombs.. With blood pouring out of Absynthe's deep belly button, the poor jobber girl writhes in pain as the evil Ema does her work.


Not just happy with destroying her opponent's belly and belly button, Ema viciously attacks Absynthe crotch with the keyed fist, causing massive and humiliating pain to the poor jobber girl. Will this torture ever end?! Finally, with little response from Absynthe, Ema wants to make sure that this time, the petite jobber girl isn't faking a KO to make Ema go away, Ema will make sure she's truly knocked out for good. Pulling the old chloro bottle out from the bag of tricks, Ema splashes a healthy dose onto a cloth and sticks it to Absynthe's face. Struggling to break free and writhing in pain, Absynthe's eyes show her fear and horror as to what might come next as the curtains slowly draw to a close across her beautiful eyes.

But the horror isn't quite over for Absynthe as Ema delivers a few devastating face punches to her helpless petite victim, destroying her limp rag doll of a victim before finally walking away and leaving poor Absynthe in a bloody mess.

This is a video you'll not want to miss and will leave you breathless! As an added bonus, there are several 'blooper' clips at the end of the video. (fake blood was used in this video, all scenes and action were done in a fantasy style)

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