LFExtreme-002 - Ema vs Absynthe (Custom Video)

44 Minutes bloody one sided beatdown featuring face and belly punching, KO, smother, cheap shots, and so much more..

You would think that after Absynthe's last horrific beatdown at the hands of her arch enemy, Ema, that the petite jobber girl would have learned her lesson and steered clear away from the evil and sadistic brunette.. but no.. not a chance! Seeking revenge, Absynthe gets right into Ema's face goes for the KO sleeperhold.. but no, Ema's not having any of it as she quickly turns the tables on her defiant opponent. Ema's not going to waste time playing with her little mouse this time.. she's going to teach Absynthe another brutal lesson, and this time with much more pain and suffering! With her tools of the trade in hand, Ema tortures and brutalizes her opponent until poor Absynthe is once again left in a pile of her own blood and pain..

Ema's in the gym stretching before her next match but is interrupted by an angry Absynthe who complains about the bruising to her face from their last match together. Stomping down on Ema, Absynthe quickly gets in behind her nemesis and catches Ema in a solid Sleeper Hold, but being too petite to hang on long enough, the tables are quickly turned as Ema puts Absynthe into the same hold, but not to knock her out, no, not yet, there is so much more beat down to happen before she'll grant Absynthe the serenity of sleep from the horror yet to come. She then gets Absynthe to the mats and drills her solidly into the belly before putting Absynthe into a vicious camel clutch. Ema stretches Absynthe's back to the limits, looking to break her in half. Still defiant, Absynthe won't bow to Ema but tries to fight back. Too little too weak, Absynthe is roughly dropped to the floor with some vicious gut shots. Ema really enjoyed watching Absynthe bleed in their last match that she's eager to see the blood flow once again. With vicious punches to the face, she quickly gets what she wants to see. Poor Absynthe, groggy from such punishment staggers after each punch. Ema isn't being gentle what so ever with Absynthe as she pulls out her knuckle dusters and grinds them into her opponent's face before smashing it into Absynthe's kidneys and belly button. Ema really puts the boots to poor Absynthe as she face punches her down to the mat, before putting the petite fighter out with a choke hold. A quick shot to the crotch gets Absynthe up and moving again but only to face more brutal gut shots and cheap shots. Poor Absynthe takes on hell of a shellacking on this one!


Poor Absynthe, weakened and drunk with pain, she can't escape or fight back, totally at Ema's mercy as the brutal brunette goes to town on her petite victim. Ema goes to work with a variety of cheap shots as she stomps, kicks and knees Absynthe in the junk, causing poor Absynthe to howl in pain. Ema's knuckle dusters get a work out in the process so Ema decides to bring out another tool, something more penetrating. Pinning Absynthe face down to the mat, Ema delivers multiple cheap shots to Absynthe with the screw driver, causing much pain before flipping Absynthe over onto her back, exposing her beautiful belly button for more punishment. Ema brutally torments Absynthe's belly button with drilling punches to the abs, poking her into the belly button. Between the cheap shots and gut shots with the screw driver, Absynthe is besides herself in pain.. Inevitably, her belly button can only take so much punishment before it starts to bleed. Just what Ema wanted to see. And she goes in deep with the screw driver.


Ema digs her toes in deep into Absynthe's belly button, grinding her toes in, twisting in deep. Seeing so much blood pooling in Absynthe's deep belly button, Ema viciously stomps Absynthe's belly button causing a geyser of blood to spew out of it. Ema is in her element as she stomps away at her long time rival. She really wants to do as much damage to petite Absynthe to teach her a lesson. Grinding the screw driver deep into Absynthe's bloodied belly button, using it to cheap shot poor Absynthe.. Ema is relentless with her attacks as Absynthe convulses with each strike. Poor Absynthe, with her belly button and crotch bleeding from Ema's continuous attacks, she's utterly beside herself in pain. Ema shows no sympathy for her petite opponent as she continues to tear Absynthe apart one punch, one kick and one stomp at a time.

But Ema doesn't stop there.. She pulls the dazed Absynthe up on to her feet and lines her up for some vicious face punching, sending Absynthe reeling with each shot. Ema then wraps her knuckles around the screw driver and lets Absynthe have a few shots with that. Barely aware of her surroundings, Absynthe flounders like a rag doll, falling to the mat from where her wounds are apparent.. Drawing blood once again, Ema marvels at her handiwork, rubbing Absynthe face into the bright red fluid.. Absynthe defiantly spits blood into Ema's face, which was a bad idea at any time, because this sends Ema into a furious rage as she kicks the hell out of her opponent's crotch. Kick after kick, Ema destroys Absynthe's crotch with knees and the screw driver.. More devastation follows on poor Absynthe's destroyed belly button as Ema works it over with the screw driver over and over. .


Finally, Ema delivers what seems like the coup de grace with a sleeper hold to put poor Absynthe out of her misery but no sooner does Absynthe go down, she's rudely awaken with another vicious kick to the junk. Showing appears to be a small level of sympathy, Ema goes to wipe away some of the blood from Absynthe's battered face but no, it's sleepy time again with a loaded cloth! Down goes Absynthe once again.. When she awakens, Absynthe finds herself hog tied and cleave gagged once again. Barely aware of her surroundings, the helpless petite jobber girl is gut punched, stomped and cheap shotted over and over again until she's bloodied again. Proud of her handiwork, Ema props her victim up and delivers one devastating face punch after another that send poor Absynthe crashing to the floor time and time again. Talk about pounding a point across someone's face! Poor Absynthe.. battered and beaten to a red pulp, Absynthe crumples to the mat, a broken rag doll that has gone through hell and back.. One last final bare fisted punch to the face ends Absynthe's dreams of getting even with Ema..

One hell of a brutal and bloody match from which Absynthe may never recover from...
(fake blood was used in this video, all scenes and action were done in a fantasy style)

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