Tigra vs Delyte in LF017 To Tame a Tigra

Tigra returns to Ladyfist once again trying to prove a point. Yeah, Ok she is a model and yeah, she's petite but heck, she's a fighter too. She got her ass kicked by Dakota in LF014 South Shore Auditions because she didn't fully comprehend that we're not looking for pretty models, we're looking for rough and tough battling babes. Dakota made a point of making an example out of Tigra as to why models ought not even bother showing up to these auditions. Hurt and humiliated, Tigra got someone to teach her how to wrestle, how to fight and how to beat the hell out of someone. She then tracked us down again and caught up with us at another of our auditions held in the city. We were quite impressed with Tigra's new attitude and fearlessness. However, unknown to Tigra, her opponent would be none other than the gal from the streets, Delyte! Coming to us from the southern USA, Delyte is here to do a job and she doesn't have a lot of patience for the likes of Tigra. And she seriously hates red head with a passion.

This video is 50 minutes of the most brutal leg and back beat down yet.

(Note: This is a re-release of LF017, now in 640X480 format! A 10 sec segment had to be removed for this video to remain compliant with our billing company. But it doesn't take away from all the great bending, hitting and punishing action!)

Not happy with the outcome of her last audition and trying to reclaim some of her pride, Tigra shows up at another one of our auditions and encounters Delyte for the first time. Obvious Tigra hasn't got a clue as to whom the woman is because she starts to diss the lady. Tigra is caught off guard by the gal because she can't seem to provoke her to fight. Delyte has one look at Tigra and basically declines to fight her as it wouldn't be a fair fight, now would it.

Not one to take guff from anyone, Tigra slaps Delyte across the cheek who in turn tackles Tigra to the floor and punches her in the nose, leaving the shaking red head with her pride hurt.

Once again, Tigra doesn't catch on what it means to be in trouble, but she soon will!

Tigra is all upset (obviously) and charges that Delyte can't even wrestle and had to resort to street fighting to win her fights.

Delyte, being a skilled fighter knows damn well that she can take Tigra at any time but allows the little girl to have some fun and see what she's got. Tigra puts on a display demonstrating her powerful legs as she applies tight rib crushing scissors on her opponent.

Now annoyed, Delyte breaks out of the scissors and rebukes the smaller gal for her fighting skills, or lack there of, really. When Tigra gets into her face, Delyte has little to no choice but to show the petite Tigra what it means to have her ass kicked by a pro!

Delyte strips Tigra out of her shirt dress and leave the gorgeous babe in nothing but her tiny bikini and long stockings. Concentrating on Tigra's back, Delyte starts her schooling on various torturous holds such as camel clutches and brutal bear hugs.

Tossing her weakened foe to the floor, Delyte slaps her own python scissors across Tigra, squeezing the breath out of her. If that wasn't bad enough, Delyte drops huge fists with telling effects into the poor red head's ribs and belly.

Taking delight in brutalizing her victim, Delyte picks up the rag doll Tigra and crashes her lower back across her knee to weaken the poor lass even more. Pulling her head down by the hair, Delyte manages to balance Tigra's lower back across her knee. You can almost her the spine snap!

Sobbing in pain and trying to catch her breath, poor Tigra is barely able to catch her breath before Delyte picks her up again and cracks Tigra's spine across her knee.

Stretch out across Delyte's knee, Tigra doesn't see the huge fists coming down on her battered but taut belly. Delyte methodically tears Tigra apart.

Ever taunting, Delyte has complete control on poor Tigra as she stretches her out and tries to make Tigra beg for her mommy. At this point we're kinda feeling sympathy for the wee lass because you can see it in her eyes; the pain, terror and brutality inflicted on her poor petite body.

Barely able to catch her breath, Tigra is hoisted up across Delyte's shoulders and held there for a long agonizing period as Delyte taunts her hapless victim.

When Delyte figures she's got Tigra beaten down enough as to where she can't offer anymore resistance, she decides to concentrate on Tigra's legs. Using an innovations version of a standing figure four leg lock, Tigra is made to howl in pain, made more difficult by the fact that Delyte pulled one of Tigra's socks off and bound her hands behind her back.

When Tigra's screaming gets on Delyte's nerves she pulls Tigra's remaining sock off and gag the poor gal. How horrible it must be to have a brutal figure 4 leg lock applied on you and not have the ability to scream out or fight back. Delyte's cruelty is something Tigra was not prepared for. The horror lasts so long being trapped in this crippling hold, Tigra is near insanity with pain.

Viciously spreading Tigra's knees apart, Delyte tries to cripple her smaller opponent. You'd think Delyte gets off on the pain and suffering she's inflicting on her victims, and you'd think right. She's that mean.

Not satisfied with just brutalizing Tigra's gorgeous legs but now Delyte works on the poor gal's lower back with horrible holds and excruciatingly painful bends and twists.

Never letting up on the banter and insults, Delyte humiliates and berates her tortured victim. She wants to make sure the little girl finally realizes that this ain't no place for no models, as she puts it.

Throwing the nearly unconscious Tigra into a camel clutch, Delyte enjoys herself as she drops and crashes powerful fists into the bruised and battered Tigra's chest, abs and ribs. For all her pitiful whines and whimpers, nothing will save poor Tigra from the ultimate beat down she's ever received.

Delyte proved her wrestling abilities to Tigra from the get go but wants to make sure the defiant Tigra remembers her name for a long time as she throws her red haired victim up in a brutal and horrific ceiling hold. Tigra is left to suffer up there as her spine hips and knees are wrenched out of joint in this incredible power hold. Eventually, no matter how much heart the feisty little Tigra has, she passes out from her beating and is unceremoniously dropped to the floor. Once again, Tigra has to face the obvious fact that there are a lot of tougher gals than she is out there.

But, being a fearless Tigra, she vows to come back and face ANY of our fighting girls. Ok, she asked for it... But that's another video, isn't it. =)


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