Tigra vs Dakota in South Shore Auditions LF014

We knew it was going to happen sooner or later after we started our auditions this summer that some gorgeous young babe would misinterpret what we're doing, and what we're looking for in a fem fighter and show up not taking this affair seriously. Meet Tigra, 5'1" red head with such a bubbly personality and great modeling skills and quite the actress. She certainly has a lot of skills in those categories. Unfortunately, we're not a modeling agency, we're a FemFight Site looking for hard hitting, rough and tough fighting women. After our successful foray into the Valley with LF012 Valley Auditions, we went to the South Shore and set up there for a day.

Dakota had already made her introduction to the Ladyfist site with LF013 Inherit This! where she trounced the hell out of Pierce. Dakota had matched up with some of the other gals on the site before and knows the score. We had actually matched up Dakota and Tigra for a quick photo shoot in town just to get them acquainted. Even then Tigra wasn't catching on to what we're all about. She was having a good time and enjoying herself. That was soon to come to a painful and crashing end.

Dakota hates red heads with a passion and hates bubbly cheerful redheads even more. When Dakota realizes that Tigra is way out of her league she takes it easy on her at first but quickly loses any compassion when it clicks in that Tigra doesn't realize that this is fighting job and not a modeling job. So she takes it upon herself to put the poor tiny Tigra through the paces in a one sided beat down on a poor victim with a humiliating ending.

42 minutes of awesome figure 4 leg locks, back breakers, hair yanking, cross knee back breakers and some of the best "Porch Swing" holds seen, and of course a classic sleeper hold to finish off the day. This is one of the golden videos!

Tigra shows up early for her audition and though she hasn't a clue what is expected of her, she figures she can handle her own end since she's watched a lot of pro wrestling on TV and knows the score that the fights are staged and no one really gets hurt.. It's all acting right? Oops.. didn't anyone tell this gorgeous young red head what we're all about at ladyfist.com!? Soon as Dakota shows up, Tigra challenges her and they soon get it started with a good push and shove test to see who can stand up to the other. Dakota is being generous here, she senses the other gal is missing the point of this audition but gives her some leeway.

Time to test the old ab muscles now. Trading punch for punch to the belly, we can easily tell that Dakota has the bricks and knows how to toss the firsts while Tigra girlie tosses a few missed punches to Dakota's belly. It doesn't take long before Tigra is dropped to the ground with a few well placed shots to the lower belly which catches her by surprised.

Thinking that Dakota was cheating because she was hitting too hard, Tigra challenges Dakota to see who can stand up the longest against the other's cross body scissors. Who has the strongest legs. Tigra manages to squeeze hard on Dakotas belly causing her to cough and try to catch her breath. Not bad, Tigra shows us she's got legs too.. Seeing how Dakota is an athlete who works out a lot, she manages to crush the air out of Tigra sending her into spasms and pulling her own hair because she can't make the pain stop! Dakota catches Tigra high on the belly, almost crushing her ribs before releasing the hold on her poor opponent.

Deciding that enough is enough, Dakota starts on Tigra's education on what it's like to be the beat girl for a web site full of real fighters. The problem with Tigra at this point is that she still doesn't fully comprehend the situation she's in. She's so intent on providing such a good acting show that she's not paying attention to what Dakota is doing to her. When the pain suddenly comes to her for real, Tigra bitches back at Dakota but it's too late. Trapped and caught in vulnerable positions, Tigra is subjected to Dakota's malicious attacks to her back and belly.

Her back aching and her belly battered, Tigra is made to suffer one of wrestling's most painful holds, the "Porch Swing". Not just once in this video, but Dakota puts her through it three times, with the third time trying to find out how far she can actually swing the hapless victim out. Tigra screams out in pain as Dakota tries to break her back. Lowered to the mat, Tigra is led to believe that Dakota might let her go from this devastating hold but no, she's pulled up again and again and made to suffer.. why? Only because. That's why!

Dropped from numerous holds, Tigra is finally tossed into an ab stretching, back breaking camel clutch that tests her stamina and her tolerance to pain. "I won't quit, you can't make me qui*! AAAAAAHHH" she screams as Dakota cracks her spine in a brutal and devastating back breaker before the poor Tigra is unceremoniously dumped back to the floor and attacked again.

Now what kind of wrestling education would this be without a round of a few classic holds like the Bosten Crab and Surf Board back stretch? You can feel poor Tigra's belly muscles stretch out and almost hear her spine snap as Dakota leans into the holds. At this point, she's not just looking for a pin, win or submission.. Dakota wants to punish and torture her smaller victim who's now begging for mercy and to be released from her predicament! But to no avail as Dakota is having her fun at Tigra's expense.

Dakota drags Tigra to the middle of the mat and snaps on an incredibly painful Figure 4 Leg lock on Tigra's slender legs. Power thighs on Dakota ensures that Tigra's legs are going to be snapped if she rolls the wrong way.

Wracked with pain, Tigra can't do anything but bear the suffering as Dakota pours on the pressure on poor Tigra's legs. With such intense pain to her joints and legs, Tigra tears away at her own hair as a crazed means of release for Dakota's torment. She simply can't take it anymore. Tigra's busted up so bad she's barely able to function.

Finally the end comes to Tigra's torture as Dakota applies a cruel sleeper hold on her brutalized victim. But being in control of her opponent, Dakota's grip on the sleeper hold relaxed every once in a while to allow just a little bit of oxygenated blood to reach Tigra's brain long enough for her to realize and appreciate her upcoming predicament.

And Finally, mercifully, Tigra drops like a sack of flour as Dakota locks in the final squeeze to the arteries and puts the wee red head out for good.

To add insult to injury, Dakota grabs her fallen foe by the hair and tells the viewer something nasty about Tigra as a model/actress.

Nice touch that was. =)


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