Velvet vs Sunny in LF036 Bleed by Example (Custom Video)

Once again, we were asked to do a custom video featuring bloody crotch kicking. Given that these genre of videos are to most people 'gross and cruel', we're suprised to some degree at how many requests we've recieved since doing the video LF011 to see more of these. And here we have our latest one..

The action starts when Sunny finishes viewing the LF011 video and can't help but comment on how weak Salem was to have been completely humiliated in that match by having her pussy kicked in so hard to have bled. Velvet, sympathetic to what happened to her friend Salem, can't believe how insensitive Sunny is about the whole thing so decides to show her how it feels. Maybe then Sunny will show more sympathy towards Salem, once she knows how it feels!

When Velvet tells Sunny "How would YOUfeel if someone did that to you?", she's tossed to the floor by Sunny with the reply "I wouldn't let anyone do that to me". Poor Sunny, she gets a quick upper short arm thrust between the legs that literally stuns her in place long enough to recieve a second blow, and down she goes.

Velvet takes glee in delivering the first of several blows to Sunny's crotch. Sunny is quick to submit when asked but unfortunately for her, Velvet is out for blood, and to teach Sunny a lesson! Velvet kicks her so hard and so often that blood is shed on her white socks! But Velvet doesn't stop just there, she goes after Sunny with a various of holds ranging from back breakers, Camel Clutches, fig four leg locks and punches to the body and yes, to Sunny's battered body. Barely able to catch her breath, Sunny repeatedly tries to submit but it all falls on deaf ears as Velvet Hammer hammers away on Sunny's poor tortured and battered crotch.

Velvet hammered away so hard and often on Sunny's crotch that the tall blond eentually passes out from the pain. But this doesn't stop our vicious Velvet, it just makes it easier for her to continue landing kicks and stomps on the unconcious Sunny. Eventually, Velvet slaps Sunny in the face to wake her to the horrendous pain between her legs. Grabbing Sunny by the hair, Velvet yanks the sobbing Sunny up to face the camera and is made to apologize for what she said about Salem being weak and a whimp for what happened to her in LF011. But Sunny's nightmare doesn't end there as Velvet tosses her down to the floor and spread legs her, exposing her battered and bloody crotch to Velvet Hammer's hard punches. Sunny is left in a writhing pile of pain..

For all you crotch attack fans out there, if you loved LF011, you're going to go wild over this one. These two ladies went wild in this video, you'll certainly appreciate the action put forth.

40 Minutes of horrible, cruel and bloody crotch attack beat down.


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