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LFExtreme-003 - Pixie vs Ema (Custom Video)

54 Minutes of the most intense wedgies, cheap shots, belly punching, sleepers and HOM one sided matches to date, Ema's epic destruction..

Two of the toughest and meanest fighters at Ladyfist, Pixie and Ema have never been the best of friends. Their hatred for one another boil over in this epic match that sees Ema take the most brutal and vicious one sided beatdowns ever handed down to her since her first match on the mats at the hands of her much smaller but equally dangerous Pixie. When the trash talking starts, Pixie takes exception at the name calling and vows to make Ema suffer and slut her out on the street corner for her insults. Never one to back down from any fight, Ema locks up with Pixie but quickly finds out that the petite red head isn't playing around as Ema is brutally beaten down with the most vicious wedgies, cheap shots, deep belly punches and KO'd repeatedly with sleeper holds, choke holds and HOMs. Being unconcsious is the least of Ema's problems as Pixie punishes her limp opponent before waking Ema up for more punishment. Ema has never suffered a more brutal and humiliating beatdown than this one.

Ema is the self-proclailed queen of mean at the Ladyfist house so when she sees Pixie stretching on the mats, she's all fired up and ready to wage war against her smaller opponent. Though smaller, Pixie has been known to really lose her temper when called certain names so when Ema calls her a 'fire crotch', this is all that Pixie needed to hear to throw the rules out of the window and bring in a lot of hurt and humliation to her nemesis, Ema. As the ladies lock up, Ema is overly confident that she'll make an easy job out of Pixie, just like she did with Absynthe in recent Extreme videos.. But not this time. Pixie grabs a hold of Ema's hair and yanks the brunette down to the mat and starts to go to work on brutalizing her opponent. Grabbing on to Ema's shorts, Pixie yanks up as hard as she can, jamming $15 worth of Ema's $25 shorts up between the cheeks in the first of so many vicious wedgies that are in store for poor Ema. Howling in pain, Ema tries to break free but Pixie is on her like white on rice, pummelling Ema's belly and delivering painful low blows. Everytime Ema tries to fight back, she's countered by Pixie's sharp fists to the belly or another low blow that halts Ema in her tracks. Pixie isn't out to just simply win this match, she's out to destroy Ema in the most humliation manner possible. After several brutal gut shots, Pixie locks in the first of many KO holds and puts Ema out with a prolonged sleeper hold that leaves Ema limp as a rag doll. Pixie has her evil ways of waking up her victims as Ema is wedgied awake in howling pain.


One vicious wedgie after another, Ema suffers horribly as Pixie makes an example out of her long time adversary. Dropping foot stomps and knee shots to the abs, Pixie knows she has to hit so much harder than normal to make any impact on Ema's rock hard abs. Ema can take a vicious belly punch and keep on fighting but already weakened by so many wedgies, she's caught off guard when Pixie nails her in the abs and eventually, Ema can't brace for the shots and takes the full effects of each hit deep in the guts. Staggering with exhausting and pain, Ema refuses to give Pixie the satisfaction of letting her know she's actually hitting too hard for this type of match but Ema starts paying the price for her pride as each shot Pixie delivers weakens the tough brunette even more. Brutal butt flossing wedgies and cheap shots all start having telling effects on Ema as she staggers drunk with pain, trying to fend off Pixie's attacks without success. Pixie locks in another HOM KO and slowly puts Ema down and out of her misery, but just for a short while as there is still so much more work to be done in brutalizing her ennemy.


There are no sound effects when Pixie slugs Ema in the guts, those are all out hard belly punches. The little red headed pitbull Pixie is out to destroy Ema, one shot at a time, one wedgie at a time. Not giving Ema time to catch her breath, Pixie heel grinds Ema's crotch sending the exhausted but still defiant Ema screaming in pain. Without mercy, Pixie elbows and knees Ema with low blows before putting her out once again. Ema's limp body takes more punishment before Pixie revives her victim for more devastating punishment. Unable to defend herself at all, Ema is stomped, punched and wedgied repeatedly before being KO'd once again. And again, once revived, Ema goes through the whole deal again and again.

Pixie drapes Ema across her knee in a back breaker and drops elbows and fists to Ema's stretched out belly, and delivers a few choice cheap shots to her helpless victim. Ema is so dazed and exhausted from the beatdown at this point that she can't even mount any kind of defense which allows Pixie to hammer away at poor Ema. Vicious low blows coupled with horrific wedgies all cause Ema to howl in pain, yet she refuses to acknowledge she's being beaten down, which does nothing more than infuriate Pixie even more, making her attack Ema with even more intensity. Pixie relentlessly attacks Ema with the most brutal of cheap shots, wedgies, gut shots and KOs, sending poor Ema reeling from pillar to post in a drunken haze of pain.


Pixie tries to make Ema admit defeat but the proud brunette refuses to give the red head Pixie the satisfaction. The outcome of this match is inevitable but Ema has her pride, no matter how painful it is, she won't submit to Pixie. But after some creative wedgie and cheap shot action, even the tough Ema has little to no choice but to admit defeat lest she suffers permanent damage to her tender parts. Happy that she's made her point, Pixie claims her trophy from a limp and exhausted Ema.. But she doesn't walk away with her prize, Pixie binds Ema's hands together with her own stretched out shorts and uses the length of it to cruelly wedgie Ema for one lasting session before calling it a day.

This is one hell of a vicious non-stop, action filled one sided beatdown that will appeal to a lot of wedgie and belly punching fans.

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