Tigra vs Kandi in LF021 Tigra Unleashed    (34 MINUTES)

Tigra, one of our fan favourite beat down girls is finally sick and tired of all the abuse tossed at her by the other gals at Ladyfist. She's come to the breaking point and now want the respect due to her. She came to us as a model actress, not fully realizing that yeah, though we do things realistic and not real, she still needs some skills and abilities. When Dakota first encountered Tigra, she beat the little red head's ass down hard to show her that we require fighting girls, not actresses.. Check out that video clip from LF012. Then she encountered Delyte in LF017 where, once again she got her ass kicked despite the extra training she got before the match. Faced with expulsion from the site's roster, Tigra was giving an ultimatum: Survive your next match or be fired if she submits or quits to her opponent. Tigra was confident that she could kick a little asian girl's ass named Jade. Unfortunately, Jade isn't asian and she aint little. And she wasn't alone when she and Roxxy tore Tigra apart, limb from limb in LF019. Tigra didn't quit or submit in that match but she paid a horrible price at the hands of two larger vicious and cruel opponents. But she secured her position here at Ladyfist.

Now she's out for respect.. and blood. Enraged because of the torturous punishment she had to endure to get where she is now, Tigra is hell bent to kick her next opponent's ass. Her opponent this time is the pretty and tough Kandi. Tigra want her opponent's respect but she's not going to get it unless she beats her down. Then, Kandi will be more than happy to give her due respect. But until then, Tigra is nothing but shit to Kandi.

Tigra and Kandi face each other off and right away we know they have a battle on their hands. The lack of respect Kandi has for her opponent is apparent, and the fierce determination Tigra has to beat Kandi down is evident. Locking up, Kandi quickly drops Tigra to the floor and clamps her powerful legs around the tiny red head's wait and crunches down hard. Once again it looks like Tigra is going to get her ass kicked but we already know she's a fighter and she's not going to quit.. She desperately wants to win this one!

Kandi shows her lack of experience where she fails to lock her ankles together, allowing Tigra to escape her hold and put a few of her own touches on Kandi's legs. The girl got some new moves!

Kandi gets a taste for what's coming up soon as she's bounced around a bit by Tigra. Showing a new sense of renewed confidence, Tigra prepares to bring a lot of hurt on her foe.

With Kandi's back feeling the pain, Tigra takes advantage of the situation and sits on Kandi's back and leg locks her arms behind her back. Now as if THIS hold wasn't painful enough, Tigra adds more torture to it by pulling up on her legs, her hair and driving sharp little fists into Kandi's exposed ribs.

Kandi is unable to toss off Tigra and suffers her head being rammed into the floor and being taunted by her assailant. Tigra's picked up new holds and new moves, at Kandi's expense! Knowing she's got Kandi trapped, Tigra plays with her, torturing her more as she taunts and humiliates her opponent. Kandi admits she didn't figure such a small girl could be so strong! as her shoulders are ripped nearly out of their sockets as Tigra continues to torture her opponent.

Being the ever nice girl, Tigra asks Kandi if she's like to be released from this torturous hold, and she does, but not quite. If you thought poor Kandi's shoulders were feeling the strain, now they're being pulled back harder and with the added pressure of her legs being pulled back behind her, Kandi is in a much larger world of hurt than she had anticipated.

Tigra's demeanor changes significantly as now she's not just looking to beat her opponent but to repay all the other gals who beat her, through Kandi! Oh oh, payback is a bitch but poor Kandi is going to receive everyone else's payback retribution as well.. This doesn't bode well for Kandi.

Sensing her opponent is broken, Tigra releases Kandi but makes the mistake of letting her guard down. Kandi quickly jumps on Tigra, makes a grab for her leg and folds it behind her. That's a lot of resiliency in Kandi to bounce back from the torture she took to the shoulders.

Kandi attacks Tigra's back with well placed punches. She's intent on getting some revenge and her own payback for the shoulders torture. Pulling Tigra up by the hair, Kandi slams her up against the wall and belts her a few good ones in the abs, for good measure, doubling over the smaller red head.

Kandi drops Tigra to the floor, drops a knee across her throat and kneels on her hair, trapping her opponent to the floor. She slowly applies pressure and slams her in the belly at the same time. Kandi crushes her fist into the side of Tigra's cheek. They had been pre-warned of no punching to the face but Kandi knows a push of the knuckles into the cheek hurts as well.

Tigra manages to get her knee deep into Kandi's neck as she got in too close, which causes Kandi to curl back in great pain.

Now it's finally huge pay back time! Tigra is going 'crazy' and sees her opportunity to impress onto us how wild she can be and bring a lot of torturous mayhem to her larger opponent.

Gleefully enjoying herself, Tigra clamps Kandi's neck in a modified neck scissors and brings a lot of pain to Kandi. Quick sharp punches to the belly find their spot as she drills Kandi in the belly in this most vulnerable position. Tigra can sense she can win this one and pours on her vicious attacks on poor Kandi. Choking her, Tigra can feel the win coming closer. Kandi still struggles to fight her off.

Poor kandi is done for, but not without Tigra getting her dues back from each gal who beat her in the past, but she's getting it all out of Kandi who has to suffer through some very brutal body bending, torture, punches and some of the most brutal knee drives to the abs. Poor Kandi, she tries to survive because she doesn't want to actually admit defeat, not to Tigra.

Knowing her opponent is all but done for, Tigra applies a standing fig 4 leg lock on her, but when that doesn't quite do the trick, Tigra drops down and applies a classic fig 4 leg lock and now, Kandi feels the burn! Excrutiating pain rips through Kandi's battered and bruised body. Tough as she is, Kandi tried to hold out for a long time in this painful hold but to no avial. Tigra applies a lot of pressure and the end is written. She gets Kandi's submission and most importantly, her respect. She worked hard for it, but Tigra finally won her respect and more importantly, her first match here at Ladyfst.com


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